We are currently in need of any of the following items...

Mens Clothing Toiletries Food
Jeans waist sizes 28/30/32/34 Shampoo Tinned meats
Joggers Shower Gel Cocoa Powder
Trainers sizes 8/9/10 Men’s SPRAY deodorant, razors, shaving foam/gel Evaporated milk
Hoodies Ladies’ spray or roll-on deodorant, sanitary products, baby/face wipes INSTANT custard powder
T shirts Tinned/carton custard
Boxer shorts
Waterproof coats
Sleeping Bags
As we are coming into the warmer months (hopefully!) we don’t need gloves, hats etc at the moment. We don’t need block soap, toothpaste or toothbrushes We don’t need flour, cooking sauces, tinned tomatoes, baked beans or pasta

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Regular support for The People’s Kitchen ensures we can continue our vital services and plan for the future.

At the Peoples Kitchen we are grateful for all of your donations and will use this to help vulnerable people who use our services.

All donations are gratefully accepted, we will always try to minimise waste so will occasionally share excess food or goods with other local charities.

We also have an Amazon wish list of goods we give to our friends regularly

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How your donations are making a difference

We issue tons of good quality clothing every year to ensure no one freezes on the streets during winter. You can help us to continue.