Before the food makes it to the plate, there is a mass of activity behind the scenes that ensures nobody is left hungry.

Donations of food and clothing are sent from our many generous supporters, including religious communities, schools, businesses and individuals.

The People’s Kitchen partner with other charities, such

as the West End Food Bank, to pass on some donations so they can reach more people in need.

We also grow our own vegetables at The People’s Kitchen allotment, where volunteers care for and harvest fresh produce for use in our meals.

Fresh food is taken straight to The People’s Kitchen and used in the preparation for the day’s meal. The volunteers peel, chop, mash, stir and prepare to serve.

Tinned and dry food is taken to the warehouse where it is sorted. The warehouse team also arrange and send up food deliveries to the kitchen according to the meal plans.

Friends arrive, either at The People’s Kitchen or our outreach near Manors, where a choice of main meals is served, followed by a hot pudding.

Friends have the opportunity to talk to volunteers, and food, clothes and sleeping bags are available to take away by those in need of them.

At The People’s Kitchen, the Listening Room is available for private conversations, and welfare coordinators are on hand to offer specialist advice.

What’s all this for? The generous contributions from supporters and volunteers help to protect some of the most vulnerable people in society. Don’t take our word for it though. We asked our Friends what they think of

The People’s Kitchen…

“The People’s Kitchen has always helped me get onto an even keel. I really like meeting the volunteers and it gives me the opportunity to socialise.”


“I don’t know many other places that do things like this. Every stitch I own is from The People’s Kitchen.”


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Regular support to The People’s Kitchen is the best way of ensuring that we can continue our vital services and plan for the future.

Be a volunteer

Over 200 volunteers deliver a staggering 35,000 hours of voluntary hours each year representing a benefit in kind wage saving of £500,000.