It’s always a delight to hear from supporters, old and new. Supported by individuals, businesses and community groups, this year has given rise to a whole host of creative ways of raising money and awareness of the needs of our Friends. Here are examples of just a few:


Rowan took it upon herself to build up from being able to run no further than 20 metres (the length of the Byker metro platform) to completing a 100 mile challenge.


She reflected on her experience: “It’s had its ups and downs. There were a lot of days where I really wanted to give up. Having a new challenge set out for each month of the year helped, and seeing the money coming in to The People’s Kitchen, to meet volunteers, was a reminder about why I was doing it and helped to pull me around.”


Rowan’s challenge will culminate in a run to The People’s Kitchen to donate the money she has worked so hard to raise.


Chosen as their charity of the year, staff at local law firm Hay & Kilner held a range of fundraising activities  throughout the year, including a successful ‘Splat the Solicitor’ event at Gateshead Rugby Club’s Summer Fayre, and the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.


Sara Malik, chair of Hay & Kilner’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee, said: ”The People’s Kitchen is the

source of so much support, advice and care for people living in extremely challenging

circumstances within our city, and it’s been an honour for us to be able to contribute to its

invaluable work.


“Our initial aim was to raise around £4,500, so to reach nearly £6,000 is a fantastic

achievement by all concerned and shows the value that our team places on the work of The

People’s Kitchen.”


Whether you are involved in The People’s Kitchen to do your bit or whether it’s something very close to your heart, by talking about our Friends and the service, in person and online, and having this newsletter on your living room table, you are supporting as an ambassador.