An organisation that shares the values of The People’s Kitchen, Sing United is a new and exciting community choir in the North East led by Mark Deeks. Sing United brings together over 120 singers who use their talent to support the community and fundraise for local causes under the banner “music with a message”.


In their ‘Power To The People’ project, , the group chose songs themed around inequality and the impact of uniting for change and ran a variety of fundraising events including winter outdoor concerts at Haymarket and Central Station. Their rehearsals and smaller gigs culminated in a public performance at The People’s Theatre in Newcastle, with all proceeds going to The People’s Kitchen.

An audience member describes the evening:

“I was lucky enough to grab a couple of tickets for the Power to the People concert at The People’s Theatre…before it sold out. I knew it would be good but I was blown away! Powerful alright! Blew all expectations out of the water and incredibly (Sing United) have raised several thousand pounds for this wonderful local charity.”


Building on this relationship, Sing United came to The People’s Kitchen to perform over dinner. This was a great opportunity for our Friends and volunteers to experience the beautiful choir and for Sing United to meet the people they have been supporting through their innovative initiative and commitment. The singing created a fantastic atmosphere over dinner, brightening up a cold evening.