The warmth and creativity within The People’s Kitchen community is inspiring. A Friend, Anthony King (AKA Fuse), went to night school to improve his reading and writing. He took to creative writing and having this outlet helped him overcome self-harming. Fuse explains, “I put on paper how I feel.”

As a gift to the Kitchen, Fuse wrote a poem.
See a Friend Not a Homeless Person
yes there are a lot homeless
maybe, we could begin to see
them with opened eyes
stop and talk to them
you may find a friend
you never knew before
if you ask you may find out
about my life
moving on day and night
coppers don’t like us you see
we’re homeless
not something you should see
but if you ask me
i’m just a person just like you
ok I don’t have a home
but I feel, I cry and I have
dreams just like you
so please please open your eyes
and see a friend
not a homeless person