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Professional partnerships

By operating an out of hours service, we are able to be there at times when other services can not be. This allows us to greatly complement the work of other services in the City.

How we help

The People’s Kitchen is an open house and a safe environment for the homeless and vulnerable of Newcastle and the surrounding area.

Our long history of successful service delivery in this area means that we enjoy the trust of our client group and have built up the knowledge and experience to support our Friends effectively. As a result, we represent an effective and proven way for professional services to reach and help those in need.

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Working with professional partners

Your Future programme

The most progressive development in the recent history of The People’s Kitchen has been the establishment of the ‘Your Future’ programme, which represents an effort to provide Friends accessing the Kitchen with a holistic package of support to address their more complex needs.

Launched in August 2012, the ‘Your Future’ programme aims to facilitate the connection of Friends with a range of professional services in the City, in order to address any needs that they have beyond food, friendship and personal care. The model is based on professional agencies operating outreach within The People’s Kitchen.

Our supporters

The Partner agencies we work with, including Newcastle City Council, the NHS and Crisis Skyline, are highly supportive of the programme’s aims and delivery model and see it as an opportunity to access people who are not engaging with other services, those for whom the chaotic nature of their lives makes it difficult for them to access mainstream provision and those who simply prefer the nature of the Kitchen’s service offer to other organisations.

Partner agencies have told us that the ‘Your Futures’ programme has enabled them to engage with new service users and offer greater continuity of care to those already engaged. If you would like to work with us to support our Friends as part of our ‘Your Futures’ programme, then please get in touch.

“We’ve got a gentleman who’s hard to reach, hard to engage and has been for years, but he talks to the staff now because they’re going into The People’s Kitchen. That’s the only place he will go.”

Support worker, Newcastle

Who are our Friends?

A survey undertaken by Northumbria University in 2014, helped us to build up a recent profile of our Friends:

had a criminal record


ex-service personnel


were homeless


slept rough in the last 3 months


have a learning disability


were unemployed


have physical health problems


are dependent on alcohol or drugs


have mental health problems


have no family or friends to support them

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