Business Partnerships

We could not operate without the support of the local business community

Partnerships with the private sector are essential to The People’s Kitchen. We rely entirely on the goodwill of businesses and the community to fund our essential services.

In the current economic climate, charities are experiencing increased financial hardship. Without your help, our services may be cut back at the very time our clients need us the most. We offer an ideal way for your support to reach the people who need it most. By supporting us you affiliate yourself with an organisation that enjoys considerable public support. Each year we receive donations from more than 2,000 community groups and individuals.

Our Board of Trustees makes sure that corporate generosity does not go to waste. Drawing on a panel of professional expertise, they ensure funds and goods are used to maximum benefit an, as we are entirely run by volunteers, there are no staff salaries taken out of your contributions.

How your business can get involved…

  • Support Financially

    It costs us £135,000 each year to keep The People’s Kitchen running, just on core costs such as electricity, insurance, petrol and office supplies and covering our basic bills. Could your business support us financially through a one off donation or ongoing support?

  • Sponsor

    There are loads of ways that you can get involved in The People’s Kitchen through sponsorship: Sponsor us – through sponsorship of our vehicle or our events. Sponsor a Friend – through a course or work experience. Or get people to sponsor you in aid of The People’s Kitchen.

  • Donate

    Do you have any end-of-line products or surplus stock that you would like to donate to The People’s Kitchen? We are currently in need of items such as catering, office and warehouse equipment, food, clothes and toiletries, as well as gardening tools for our allotment.

  • Provide Expertise

    The People’s Kitchen needs professional skills and expertise from both businesses and their employees. We regularly need help from professionals such as solicitors, architects, insurance providers, accountants, building security and maintenance experts.

  • Kitchen Champions

    We have recently launched the ‘Kitchen champions’ project which aims to recruit an ambassador in major North East businesses. The Champion will promote The People’s Kitchen to the rest of the organisation, helping to run appeals on a seasonal basis, and spreading the word about our work.

  • Charity Challenges

    From a charity auction, a Christmas ball, bungee jumping, dress down Fridays, or a bake sale, to the Great North Run. Could you encourage your employees to support us through a charity challenge? Not only does this support us, but they are a great way to unleash the creativity of your team.

  • Supported Volunteers

    Simple changes to your company policy can encourage staff to volunteer. Policies such as a recognition system for volunteers; celebrating National Volunteering Week; allowing staff to use company time for volunteering; or giving lieu for weekly volunteer hours make a huge difference to us.

  • Support our Friends

    Could your company support our Friends on the pathway to a better future by supplying training, offering work experience or helping them develop new skills? Whatever the type of business you run, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Payroll giving

    Payroll Giving allows your employees to give direct to any UK charity straight from their salary – before tax is deducted - which means it’s great for them and for us. Talk to us if you’d like to find out more about how to set this up.

Our work with Unilever

Flavour for all

The People’s Kitchen has teamed up with Unileaver Knorr to raise awareness of food insecurity in the UK, with the ambition to give more people access to nutritious flavoursome meals.

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Our Board of Trustees makes sure that corporate generosity does not go to waste. Drawing on a panel of professional expertise, they ensure funds and goods are used to maximum benefit.

Our Business Partners