Charities and Trusts

Last year, The People’s Kitchen worked with over 20 charities and trusts, both regional and national, who all invested in the charity to help make a significant impact on our Friends.

We need your help

Charities and trusts are vital to us. The People’s Kitchen receives no Government support and we rely entirely on the goodwill of trusts and foundations as well as businesses and individuals.

Recent cuts in public sector budgets in the City means that the support of charities and trusts is critical – demand for our services has grown by over 30% in the last four years – helping us to provide a co-ordinated approach to providing a lifeline to the most disadvantaged in our community, the homeless and vulnerable when they need it most.

  • Safety Net

    The People’s Kitchen provides a safety net for the local community by delivering services that are not offered elsewhere in the city. In the current economic downturn, demand for our services has increased at a time when individuals and businesses are less able to support charities such as ours.

  • Delivering Services

    As a registered charity, with 30 years experience of delivering services, we have built up the knowledge and experience to support our Friends. As a result, we represent an effective and proven way for supporters to ensure their funds reach those in need.

  • Sponsor

    There are loads of ways that you can get involved in The People’s Kitchen through sponsorship: Sponsor us – through sponsorship of our vehicle or our events. Sponsor a Friend – through a course or work experience. Or get people to sponsor you in aid of The People’s Kitchen.

The People’s Kitchen does not receive funding from statutory agencies. Instead, it relies on donations from commercial sponsors, charitable grants and fund-raising. The scale of donations is testament to its good reputation in the local area.