Earlier this year, a group of 17 Friends and volunteers had a great day with the help of Living Woods North East to reinstate a willow plot at Haydon Bridge as part of an abandoned biomass fuel project. New growth and old “stools” were cut back so they can produce good new growth to make willow hurdles, baskets and sculptures. 


Mark Shipperlee explains:

“Two years ago we started to reinstate this old biomass willow plot, established for growing trials which were later abandoned. We spend a couple of days each winter harvesting and sorting willow regrowth and continue to get old willow stools back into production.”


Great fun was had with bonfire preparations and management, clearing the old and rotten willow wood, and Friends and volunteers were delighted to have contributed to this fantastic eco-initiative. For more details and fantastic pictures of our group in action, visit: https://livingwoodsnortheast.org.uk