Hot Off the Press!

Earlier this year, a group of our Friends proposed that we develop a cookbook with recipe ideas that are accessible to those on a low income with limited resources for cooking. This inspired idea was set into motion and has been created as a Christmas gift given out to Friends at our annual December street party.

So many people have contributed to the making of the cookbook and undoubtedly our Friends will be grateful for the time and effort put into their gift. We would like to say a huge “thank you” to the many individuals and businesses who took the time to send in their recipe of choice, David Yellowley for driving the initiative and Gary Smith who has curated the recipes, having tested and photographed many of the dishes in his own kitchen to ensure everything is “bob on” for readers!

Here are some of the contributors of the newsletter to tell us why they chose the recipes they did to share with our Friends.

Aazita’s Prawn Stir Fry

“I love Chinese food and this dish is super easy to make and really healthy. You can also throw in as much veg as you like and it’s still delicious!”

Ginger biscuits from Jim the Baker

“The way I came to become a volunteer at The People’s Kitchen was quite quirky. Some friends were getting married in June 2018 and as a wedding present asked that all guests do something to support a charity for example a sponsored walk. I had been looking to volunteer and this was the push I needed so I started at The People’s Kitchen and haven’t looked back!”
“When I ran the Great North Run for charity, I made lots of cakes and biscuits for colleagues who sponsored me, so I became known as “Jim the Baker” at work. The ginger biscuits often went down well and they are quick and easy to make. That’s why I chose this recipe for the cookbook.”

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland’s pot roast chicken

“We love the dish, It is a family favourite and it is really easy to make!”

Chocolate cupcakes from Rachel at The Roundhouse

“I chose this recipe as it is one of my favourites. It is quick and simple to make and chocolate cake is always a crowd pleaser!”

If you would like to get your hands on the full collection of hearty recipes, you’re welcome to pick up a copy. For those who can, we just ask for a small donation in return. Why not couple the cookbook with a People’s Kitchen apron as a Christmas gift for a foodie friend or family member? You can pick up a copy from Waterstones in Newcastle or contact us by emailing