. The Infamous Amble Ambassadors - The Peoples Kitchen

Meet the infamous Amble Ambassadors! This pioneering group supports The People’s Kitchen from up on the Northumberland coast. As a result of the Amble Ambassadors’ dedication to spreading the word and raising awareness, The People’s Kitchen is the talk of the town and locals donate clothes, toiletries, provisions and money via the group.


Mary, Talks Team volunteer from The People’s Kitchen, explained:

“I never imagined that when I was asked to go and talk about The People’s Kitchen at a church in Amble that, almost five years later, there would be a group of women that I am proud to call our “Amble Ambassadors”. Since my initial talk I have spoken to other groups in Amble and met lots of wonderful people. Amble is known as “the friendly port” and our supporters are a wonderful example of this.”