Waste Not, Want Not

Amid a climate emergency, as declared by Newcastle amongst other Local Authorities in the region, it is all the more important that we use local and sustainable produce at The People’s Kitchen.

Healthy Greens is a family-run urban farm growing sustainable, organic microgreens just the other side of the river. They supply local shops and restaurants in the region and over the last year they have donated a variety of surplus goods to the Kitchen for use in our meals for Friends. The tasty cress went down a treat in our spread of sandwiches, adding vitamins and that extra little “je ne sais quoi”!

Rob tells us, “On occassion, our urban farm has surplus produce which we have donated to The People’s Kitchen. It’s good to know that lovingly grown fresh produce can be put to tremendously good use and a much needed cause. We grow to order and it’s reassuring to know that The People’s Kitchen helps us achieve zero waste.”